For health and the environment

1977 sees the introduction of the world’s first disposable system for soap, under the Sterisol® System brand. The famous “blue bag” sees the light of day. This is the result of several years’ development and a fierce determination to make everyday life easier for people at work. By creating an air- and bacteria-tight system, Sterisol was able to supply liquid soap containing no preservatives or other additives which irritate the skin and may cause allergy or eczema. Sterisol’s packaging can almost be 100% emptied, substantially reducing environmental impact compared with other types of packaging.

A tradition of innovation

A commitment to working people and long-term environmental awareness, combined with unique Swedish innovation. However, our journey has not been straightforward. There is now greater awareness than ever about the skin complaints and health risks caused by the preservatives and additives contained in skincare and hygiene products. We highlighted these risks over 40 years ago, and took action to reduce them. We were pioneers back then, and remain so to this day. While this is something to be proud of, it brings with it the responsibility to keep pursuing development so that not only Sterisol, but the market as a whole, can continue to move forward. For the sake of health and the environment.

World’s first disposable hand care system introduced (SterisolSystem)

Colga factory acquired – Sterisol emerges in Nordic region

Glykocid in Vadstena acquired – production moves

New hygiene factory built in Vadstena

Gepe Group acquires Sterisol

Extensive investments in manufacturing premises

Introduction of Sterisol Skin Care for consumers

Completely new launch of hotel line