ÄKTA Liquid Soap

A gentler, more natural choice

Mild and effective skin care for working people

ÄKTA Liquid Soap is our best selling product, containing no preservatives and colourants. It is largely composed of vegetable and saponified fatty acids.

Washing your hands regularly is essential in many sectors, including industry, health care and food industry. ÄKTA Soap cleanses effectively, while its natural fatty acids help the skin to refatten and prevent it from dehydrating. The collapsible packaging has a high rate of discharge, keeping the amount of waste to a minimum. ÄKTA Liquid Soap is an effective, cost-efficient
choice for every workplace where health, hygiene and sustainability are important.

Sterisol has over 40 years of experience working closely with our customers. We help you put together the best solution for you, from an ergonomic, economic and health perspective.

Preservatives contribute to a variety of skin conditions, eczema and allergies included. Studies* indicate that around 10% of the population in working age are affected by hand eczema at some time during a year. In industries which are tough on the skin, this figure is even higher. Skin problems have an impact on people’s well-being and working capacity. Choosing skin care products which are free from preservatives is a big step towards better and healthier skin at work.

Building on our existing formula, ÄKTA Liquid Soap is now even more pleasant to use and contains a greater proportion of natural raw materials. But what makes a soap real? ÄKTA Soap contains vegetable, fatty acids which are neutralised, reacting with alkali through saponification. These fatty acids help
to refatten the skin. It also contains glycerine, which preserves moisture in the skin. We carefully supervise the manufacturing process, based on our own premises, from start to finish.
Real soaps normally come in bar form, making ÄKTA Liquid Soap a unique o er on the market.

These days, more and more people are taking note of the skin problems and health risks caused by the preservatives and additives contained in soaps and hygiene products. We became aware of these risks as early as 1977. This is why we created the Sterisol System, a skin care solution free from allergenic preservatives and unnecessary additives. Our unique airtight, bacteria-resistant dosage valve and innovative packaging and dispenser solutions have enabled us to provide gentle, environmentally friendly, cost-e icient skin care for working people for over 40 years.

A liquid soap which meets the needs of your business and the environment

Nordic Swan seal of approval

ÄKTA Soap is Nordic Swan ecolabelled, underlining the low environmental impact of the product’s life-cycle. This involves analysis of the product’s contents, method of production and how it is disposed of once used.
ÄKTA Soap is developed with care, environmental awareness and a holistic approach to product characteristics, how packaging can reduce environmental impact and everything in between.

Dermatologically tested

Containing as few ingredients as possible, ÄKTA Soap is largely composed of natural fatty acids which help to refatten the skin. To meet the high standards of our users, Sterisol’s products undergo dermatological testing, which shows that ÄKTA Soap is really gentle on the skin. In tests, the soap is classified as a non-irritant, with the same profile as regular water.



Cost-effective and practical

What is good for the environment is usually good for the wallet. ÄKTA Soap is part of the Sterisol System, which is based on collapsible packagings and smart dispensers.

An effective choice

In all sectors subject to stringent requirements on hand hygiene, workers must wash their hands several times each day. Approved in accordance with EN 1499. ÄKTA Soap is really gentle on the skin, e ectively removes bacteria and meets Nordic Swan ecolabel requirements.


True benefits for demanding industries

ÄKTA Liquid Soap cleanses e ectively and is gentle on the skin. At workplaces with stringent hygiene requirements,
products which are kind to the skin are a key part of a healthy work environment. Sterisol is a market-leader in industry as well as other sectors.


Tough on dirt,
mild on the skin

Industrial operations place great stress on the skin, with a high degree of manual labour in dirty environments. This places great demands on washing and cleaning facilities. Skin care systems must also be practical and cost- e icient to use. ÄKTA Liquid Soap cleanses e ectively and is mild on the skin, even when used frequently.
The packaging’s high discharge rate means that almost nothing goes to waste – a big financial benefit. ÄKTA Liquid Soap is the right choice for workplaces who strive to meet today’s environmental requirements.


The food industry

An e ective choice for frequent cleaning


Companies in the food industry, such as bakeries and restaurants, are subject to stringent hygiene requirements. These include preventing bacteria from being transmitted to food products. ÄKTA Liquid Soap is based on vegetable, saponified fatty acids which help the skin to refatten and prevent it from dehydrating, which is vital when washing your hands frequently. Using liquid soap o ers major practical benefits in the day-to-day workings of the food industry, where cleaning mild dirt frequently is the foremost requirement.

ÄKTA Soap perfectly complements Sterisol’s range
of hand disinfection products. These combine to provide e ective, cost-e icient and environmentally friendly solutions for a demanding industry.

Health care

Gentle skin care for caring hands


In a sector where hygiene is a matter of life and death, washing and disinfecting your hands regularly is essential. Sterisol ÄKTA Liquid Soap is a practical, cost-e icient and environmentally friendly skin care product. The soap is applied directly on dry hands for gentle and e ective cleaning, and contains no preservatives which can cause skin conditions such as dermatitis, allergies or eczema.

In tandem with our hand disinfection products, this provides excellent protection against bacterias.
Our range of skin creams allow you to maintain and protect your skin from stress, both before and a er work.

Sterisol® System – health, functionality and environment

Part of the Sterisol System, ÄKTA Soap is a comprehensive skin care solution for working people. In addition to our unique technical innovation, the system is based on our holistic approach to skin care, where all our products combine to cleanse, protect and care for your skin. Our philosophy is to provide Skin Care at Work!


A unique solution

There is no other skin care system on the market today which combine as many benefits as Sterisol. E ective and gentle on the skin, our products are free from preservatives and other additives which can cause skin conditions.

Sterisol products are also beneficial for the environment, wallet and workplace. Our systems are designed to adapt seamlessly to the specific needs of workplaces, providing e ective, cost-e icient working tools.


ÄKTA Liquid Soap is free from preservatives. This is possible thanks to our unique, airtight dosage pump and valve which prevents bacteria from entering the packaging. In addition, bacteria
is e ectively eliminated because the product maintains a temperature of 70o C throughout the manufacturing process.

Our packaging solution is based on a system of collapsible bags with a discharge rate of over 98%. This means less of the product and packaging is disposed of, which is better for
the environment. Nor do our products contain environmentally harmful microplastics.

Our products come in sizes of 375 ml, 700 ml, 2,5 l and 5 l. Our durable, user-friendly dispensers come in a range of models, with both manual and electronic, motion-activated functions.

Part of the Sterisol System, Ecoline was developed for users looking for a well-designed, environmentally- and skin-friendly product. Sold in black, white and silver as standard, Ecoline is also available in a personalised design.