Sterisol Eyewash.
Effective eyecare all the way.

Sterisol Eyewash is a reassuring complement to fixed eye rinsing stations and ideally suited to mobile workstations in boats and vehicles, for example. It’s easy to remove the bottles from the wall mountings and use them for continuous rinsing on the way to obtain medical help or while en route to a fixed eye rinsing station.

Sterisol eyewash boasts the longest rinsing time on the market, with 12 minutes per 1-litre bottle and 6 minutes per 0.5-litre bottle.


Peace of mind when you need it most

When an eye is injured by splashes or similar, immediate effective first aid treatment is needed. Sterisol Eye wash is one of the quickest and most reliable products for rinsing injured eyes. With just two bottles, you can meet the industry standard of continuous rinsing for 15 minutes.

The liquid enters the eye in a continuous, steady flow. The safety seal can be easily broken by striking the protective cap, and our eyewash is easy to carry for rinsing injured eyes while in transit.

Sterisol eyewash boasts the longest rinsing time on the market, with 12 minutes per 1-litre bottle and 6 minutes per 0.5-litre bottle. This means you need fewer bottles when an accident takes place, and every second counts.

Our eyewash bottles include a mechanism which helps keep the eyelids open, ensuring the liquid enters the eye in a steady, gentle flow. Our bottles also empty automatically without needing to be squeezed.

The bottles are easy to open and hold in the hand, and provide clear instructions which minimise the risk of mistakes in an emergency.

Our eyewash bottles provide a very long rinsing time per bottle, which means you also get more value for money. And by registering your eyewash you can get help to replace your bottles ahead of the expiry date.

If an accident happens, do as follows

When an accident takes place, every second counts. Sterisol Eyewash provides lasting relief while you head for a fixed rinsing station or wait for the doctor. Let the doctor decide when to stop rinsing.


You must begin rinsing immediately to avoid serious injury. The bottle should rest on a flat surface. Strike the green protective cap firmly with your hand.


Remove the green protective cap, which is now released. Open the eyelids. You may need both hands to do this, so call for help as soon as possible.


Rinse thoroughly with the head tilted back. Position the bottle so the eyecup helps to keep your eyelids apart. Allow the liquid to flow.

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Register your eyewash

When you open a bottle it is to be used immediately, and then disposed of and replaced with an unopened one. It is also important to use eyewash products which have not passed their expiry date. When registering products, we make sure your bottles are replaced when necessary.