Product Documentation

Sterisol AB’s ambition is to manufacture very effective and safe skin care products, for which the company has a well-deserved reputation today. With the general public’s growing awareness of the possible harmful effects – for people and for the environment – of chemicals, pollutants and bacteria, safety has acquired even greater importance.

Sterisol AB has produced Product Documentation for its SterisolSystem products for many years. These documents are a detailed description of the products that substantiates our claims about safety. This evidence contains scientific terms that general readers might not understand, and the Product Documentation is intended mainly for toxicologists and biochemists.

Product Documentation is produced, updated and distributed by the Marketing department in cooperation with Technical department. A numbered document is issued for each finished product, for all ingredients included in the product and for each pack type. The finished product’s documentation number is stated on each SterisolSystem product (Prod. Doc. No.:), which makes it easy to supply the right documentation for the product concerned. When something changes, all relevant documents are updated.

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