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ÄKTA Liquid Soap

ÄKTA Liquid Soap

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Sterisol® ÄKTA Liquid Soap, no parfum

Art. No. 4882 - 12 x 0.375 litreSvanenmärkt Art. No. 4886 - 2 x 2.5 litre Art. No. 4885 - 2 x 5 litre Art. No. 4880 - 12 x 0.7 litreSvanenmärkt

ÄKTA Liquid Soap is based on a totally new formula. Containing fatty acids from natural raw materials, our new ÄKTA soap incorporates mild surfactants which enable the hands to be washed very mildly and effectively. The saponified fatty acids have refattening properties which prevent the skin from dehydrating and leave a pleasant feel after washing. With no preservatives or unnecessary additives, the soap is the perfect choice in all environments where the hands must be washed frequently. No parfum