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Why choose skin care with no preservatives?

Skin problems occur widely across many industry sectors and are a common cause of sickness absence. Preservatives are proven be a contributory factor in relation to outbreaks of dermatitis, allergies and eczema, among other issues. Our philosophy is simple: all our products’ ingredients have a function and contribute to better health, which is why there is no room for preservatives and other unnecessary additives.

Skin care for your industry

Sterisol’s products can be found in all types of workplaces, however,
certain industries have very high standards when it comes to hygiene, and using safe,
effective, gentle skin care products is of great importance.


For those working in industry, where the skin is exposed to extreme stress, effective washing and cleaning routines are fundamental. How often and how thoroughly you need to wash depends on the level of dirt your work exposes you to. Sterisol’s wide range of products includes everything from liquid soap for light dirt to Hand Clean Plus and Hand Clean Super Plus, which contain friction agents for more rigorous applications. Luphenil two-in-one skin cream both cares for and protects your skin, shielding it against external stress while providing gentle refattening.


In a sector where hygiene can be critical, regularly washing and disinfecting the hands is essential. Sterisol’s products make the process easy and effective. In healthcare, where there is no visible dirt, disinfectants normally ensure sufficiently effective hand hygiene. Sterisol’s hand disinfectant is applied directly to dry hands. For washing your hands, Sterisol provides a range of mild, gentle soaps, including Ultra Mild for sensitive skin. Our selection of skin creams also helps you to care for your skin and protect it from stress.

Food products

The food industry has stringent demands when it comes to hygiene, mainly in order to prevent bacteria spreading to food products. Sterisol’s Hand disinfectant effectively kills micro-organisms on the skin, with added glycerine to prevent it from drying out. Our Liquid Soap and unscented Ultra Mild products are ideal for combating light dirt. Grease and protein can be difficult to remove when handling food products. Sterisol Hand Clean is a gentle soap product which gets the job done.

How can Sterisol improve your workplace?

Sterisol has over 40 years’ experience working close to the customer. We help you put together the ideal solution based on your health, ergonomic and financial needs.