Sterisol® System
Health, functionality and the environment

We created the Sterisol® System in order to improve health and well-being in workplaces. Our unique airtight dosage valve eliminates the need for preservatives, and our packaging solutions are better for the environment. Sterisol provides a wide range of products which protect, clean and care for your skin gently and effectively.


Washing your hands frequently is necessary in many jobs, partly to avoid the spread of infection. Sterisol’s gentle, preservative-free soaps reduce the risk of skin problems, allergy and eczema.


Disinfecting the hands is essential in all professions that have strict hygiene demands, but is necessary in most other workplaces too. Using effective products helps you protect yourself and others too.


Many people’s skin, the hands in particular, is exposed to extreme stress every working day. Caring for your skin means using effective products which protect, soften and refatten. Sterisol has a range of creams and lotions for all needs and skin types.

Three steps to more healthy skin

Sterisol’s products are designed to be used together to promote better hygiene, health and well-being and reduce the risk of skin problems in your workplace.


Your skin will be more resistant to stress if you use products which provide the best protection before the working day begins. For example, Sterisol offers a range of soft, refattening skin creams.


Washing and disinfecting the hands regularly is essential in many professions. We offer a wide range of preservative-free, gentle, environmentally friendly products to combat everything from light to extreme dirt.


At the end of the working day you need products which care for the skin and help it recover from the stresses it is exposed to. We offer a range of products for showering and cleaning the body and hair.

A unique skin care system with unique benefits

There is no skin care system on the market today which provides as many combined benefits as Sterisol. Our products’ greatest strength is that they help improve people’s health. Gentle and effective, they contain no preservatives or additives which can lead to skin problems.

Not only that, Sterisol products are a smart choice for the environment, your workplace and your wallet! Our systems are developed to adapt seamlessly to the unique requirements of workplaces, providing an effective, cost-efficient working tool.

  • The contents of the bag cannot be contaminated from bacteria on the fingers or from other sources.
  • The products contain no additional preservatives or unnecessary additives which can damage the skin.
  • Minimum packaging weight of 11 grammes cuts volume, reducing waste and transportation.
  • Our products contain only well-known, well-documented biologically degradable ingredients.
  • Minimises the volume of the product/contents to be discarded.
  • Controlled dosage minimises excessive consumption, which is good for the environment as well as your wallet!
  • Sterisol System products come in the following sizes: 375 ml, 700 ml, 2.5 l and 5 l.
  • Our dispensers and holders are manufactured using durable, environmentally friendly ABS plastic.
  • It’s easy to clean them and replace refills, saving time for the person cleaning and maintaining the system.
  • Dispensers can be washed at up to 93 degrees (for a maximum of three minutes).

How the Sterisol System works

We developed the Sterisol System over 40 years ago. It’s based on three components which can be combined to adapt to the unique needs and conditions of your workplace.


With a dosage pump and valve which opens and closes without air and bacteria entering the packaging, there’s no need for preservatives. This makes our products more gentle on the skin.


Our packaging solutions are based on a vacuum system and collapsible bags which enable them to be emptied at a rate exceeding 98%. This means disposing of less of the product and packaging, which is better for the environment.


We offer products in the following sizes: 375 ml, 700 ml, 2.5 l and 5 l. Our durable, easy-to-use dispensers come in a range of models, including manual, electronic and motion-activated functions.

Sterisol Ecoline – form and function combined

Ecoline is the part of the Sterisol System for those looking to combine skin care and environmental concern with slick design. It’s the perfect choice for offices, public spaces, health and fitness centres and the like. Ecoline comes as standard in silver, black and white, and personalised designs are also available.